Black Manner is a textile company offering trendy unisex's afro streetwear clothing. The brand is based in the city of Montreal, in Canada.




Our story was born in 2018. Our founder, having left his country of origin, Cameroon, arrived in the magnificent city of Montreal in 2015. When he arrived in the city of Montreal, he was fascinated by the fashion industry, especially the world of streetwear.


Montreal is made up of a fairly large young black community, brimming with talent in many fields. Inspired by the black culture on one side, and the world of streetwear on the other side, Black Manner wants to develop this concept of " Afro Streetwear " in its own way with the main mission of promoting the afro youth.


What the founder of the brand wants, is to show the world how talented the Afro youth is, and that we can find determined young people who want and can change the world. With black Manner we really want to unite the black community. The majority of people we work with (photographers, bloggers, influencers, models, etc.) come from the black community. We do it this way, because we want to promote " black excellence ".



" For real, I didn't had this idea of  set up a clothing brand, but looking around me, I saw that there were a lot of young entrepreneurs, and I also wanted to start a new challenge. I didn't want to be like the others and just do my studies, but I also wanted to make my mark in the society. It's a real passion for me, and I want to show and share my vision to everyone. "Black Manner" for me is a  really deep brand name " . - Charles Meka (CEO BLACKMANNER)

We offer exclusive quality products, with attractive designs and eye-catching messages. The majority of our items are meaningful : we are here to highlight the afro youth. We want to inspire, motivate and support them.




We collaborate with young black artists. These artists help us to represent our brand in different forms, and help us to spread our messages.



Our vision is to continue our growth in the city of Montreal,  and then conquer major international  (Paris, New-York, Londres...) and African places (Cameroon, Abidjan, Lagos...). We  would like to be recognized among the most influential brands that represent the afro youth on an international scale.