1. Could you tell us about you ? Who are you and what do you do ?



Hey y’all!! I go by Shy musiq. I am an artist, creative and DIY queen! My passion is bringing fantasies to life..from music to fashion.

2. How did you get started in the music industry ? and what motivated you to start music ?

Music accidentally became a part of my life when I was around 7/8yrs old. I was doing a singing competition with my cousins, which I won by a landslide lol ..but since then I figured I was good at it and kept nurturing my talent. I started my official recording career early 2019. I can not really pinpoint what motivated me to start music, it is first nature to me. I believe we all exist to complete certain missions in the world, and for me my mission is to use my voice to tell stories and be a voice for the voiceless.

3. Who or what is your source of inspiration ?

At the moment, I'm inspired by possibility. Every choice has an outcome, and I want to see how this ends. I want to be on the other side of betting on myself. My family is also a big inspiration to me. I have endured some very beautiful and also challenging situations in my family that led me on a self discovery journey and I seek to better myself everyday.

4. As a musician, who are your 3 favorite artists of the moment ?


Me, myself and I ! Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy music from other artists, and will gravitate to certain sounds, but as an artist myself I try to focus on my own music and vision. I feel like there is a pressure to create music that already sounds familiar to people. I intend to create out of my own imagination without any outside influences, therefore I don’t really favor any particular artist. However I am inspired by  artists who keep raising the limit by building impactful and long lasting careers .

5. What’s next for you ? What are your future plans ?



I am still a toddler in this music game so I plan to keep on releasing more singles and projects and keep scaling up. I will be releasing an official music video to one of my EP singles next month! My future plan is to create a powerful brand that inspires people to be authentic and also offers a stream of income to myself and my community.

6. Your latest project came out recently… Can you tell us more about this project ? Is it available on all streaming platforms ?

 My debut EP ‘On The Go’ is really my first born child! It took over a year to create and is a  collaboration between my producer Yalah Flamez and I. These songs were an escape from reality for us as they were created in the middle of the pandemic. I wanted to make some relatable bops talking about everyday life experiences.The EP is an afro fusion with pop and RnB. On The Go is available on Itunes, Spotify , Souncloud & Tidal !

7. How can the community follow you and still be in touch with you ?

I go by Shy Musiq on all streaming and social platforms! Check me out.

8. And the last question is, what does BLACK MANNER mean to you ?


Black Manner means a way of life. It represents the beauty in the struggle of black people in the world. How we are able to find joy and influence society even in the midst of chaos.

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